The Happy Goth Girl

Interview with celebrated goth artist Rose Adare, who lives on the big island of Hawaii and paints luminous oil portraits of various subcultures.

Gentrification, San Francisco: Circus of Resistance

Circus of Resistance image 08
It is August 15, in the year 2000. In a few hours it will be midnight, and then the police will come. But for now, it’s party time. On a balmy evening in San Francisco, nearly a thousand artists and friends cram into one narrow block in the historic Mission District in a show of support for a local dance company that had lost its lease.

Dykes on Bikes!

From the 1996 San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Pride Parade

Dykes on Bikes 1
It’s my first time here so I don’t know quite what to expect for the opening salvo, but all the other photographers are really jazzed up. Suddenly the crowd lining an empty Market Street breaks into a cheer at the tiger growl of motorcycles approaching in low gear. The parade has begun…

Immigrant Rights Rally


Photo Gallery: Labor Day march and rally in Tucson, Arizona in support of the region’s migrant workers.

The year was 2010 and tensions between the Arizona state government and its Hispanic residents had simmered for months…