The Family Tree of Life

Descendents and relations of the Bemo, Estel, Web and allied
families of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Indiana and California.

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Welcome to my clan, the progeny of pioneers, Native Americans and soldiers who tramped across this country from the 1830's Trail of Tears to the 1930's Great Depression. Like most complex family trees, this one resembles a virtual forest of intermarriages with interlocking networks of branches. For an overview, consider starting with any of these elder couples:
  • John Douglas Bemo [Sr.] and Harriet Lewis
  • John Tucker Webb and Harriet Ada Vaughn
  • Sam Estel and Sarah DeWitt

This Web site began with family research and recollections by my mother and grandmother in the 1960's and 1970's, along with a few photos from my heirloom collection. As an evolving document, there is a great deal of room for additions and improvement, so if any of my cousins feel like contributing names, histories or photos, just shoot me a message and I'll work with you!

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