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ANDERSON, Ronald BruceMarriage: Source 19
ANDERSON, Scott EdwardBirth: Source 1, Surname: Note 7
BEMO, AlexDeath: Source 9, Child: Source 2
BEMO, DouglasChild: Source 2
BEMO, Iona ("Onie")Child: Source 2
BEMO, JackResidence: Source 1
BEMO, John Douglas [Jr.]Name: Source 2, Death: Source 1, General: Source 1, Child: Source 2
BEMO, John Douglas [Sr.]Name: Note 12, Birth: Note 6, Death: Source 2, Loyal Creek claim: Source 4, Residence: Source 20, Residence: Source 20
BEMO, Lon ("Lonnie")Birth: Source 1
BEMO, Myrtle LuellaTribe: Source 3, Birth: Source 1, Death: Source 6, General: Source 1, Marriage: Source 1, Child: Source 1
BRAGI, David ArvBirth: Source 11, Marriage: Source 16
BROWN, FrankPerson: Note 7
BROWN, WilliamPerson: Note 7
DEPEW, SamanthaGeneral: Source 1
DEWITT, SarahDeath: Source 1
DYER, Edna Eve JanePaternity: Source 1
EDWARDS, Kate ("Aunt Katie")Birth: Source 9, Death: Source 9
ERIKSEN, Mary AliceDeath: Source 1, Appearance: Source 1, National origin: Source 1, General: Source 1
ERIKSEN, Mary Louisa Alice Jane ("Aunt Ludy")Birth: Source 1, Anedcote: Source 1
ESTEL, Barbara LucilleBirth: Source 7, Death: Source 8, Cremation: Note 5, Cause of death: Source 8, Marriage: Source 19
ESTEL, David ArthurBirth: Source 1, Death: Source 1, Residence: Source 1
ESTEL, David GeorgeBirth: Source 1
ESTEL, David NelsonOccupation: Note 7
ESTEL, Leo Arthur [Dr.]Birth: Source 18, Death: Note 5, Occupation: Source 7, Military service: Source 18, Military service: Source 18, Military service: Source 18, Military service: Note 7, Military service: Note 7, Education: Note 7, Occupation: Note 7, Marriage: Source 17, Moved: Note 7
ESTEL, Leo EdwardBirth: Source 1
ESTEL, Linda AnnBirth: Source 1
ESTEL, Sam ("Cap")Birth: Source 1, Death: Source 1
HARRISON, Hester AnnBirth: Source 15, Death: Source 15, Funeral Services: Source 15, Burial: Source 15, Residence: Source 1
LEWIS, HarrietChild: Source 20
LEWIS, KendlePerson: Source 20, Tribe: Source 20, General: Source 20
MARCH, [unknown]Divorce: Source 1, Marriage: Source 1
NURSS, Dolores JeanMarriage: Source 16
STANLEY, Mary KatherineGeneral: Source 1, Birth: Source 1
STANLEY, SamuelBirth: Source 1, Military service: Source 1, Military service: Source 1, Military service: Source 1, Residence: Note 9, Residence: Source 1
SULLENS, BerthieGeneral: Source 1, Marriage: Source 1, Child: Source 1
VAUGHN, Ada LaphiliaDeath: Note 4, Death: Source 1, General: Source 1, Birth: Source 10
VIACK, JackOccupation: Source 1, Marriage: Source 1
WEBB, Bessie MaeBirth: Source 1, Death: Source 1
WEBB, Birdie LuisBirth: Source 1, Death: Source 1
WEBB, CecilBirth: Source 1
WEBB, CharlesMarriage: Source 1, Marriage: Source 1
WEBB, Dorothy Fern ("Dot")Birth: Source 1
WEBB, EllaBirth: Source 1, Other offspring: Source 1
WEBB, Ethel SamanthaBirth: Source 1, Death: Note 5, Property: Source 13, Tribe: Source 13, Property: Note 5, Tribal Payment: Source 3, Marriage: Source 17, Moved: Note 7
WEBB, Etta JaneBirth: Source 1, Tribe: Source 5, Residence: Source 6
WEBB, George WashingtonBirth: Source 1, Death: Source 1, General: Source 1, Marriage: Source 1
WEBB, Georgia Lucille ("Georgie")Birth: Source 1
WEBB, HarrietBirth: Source 10, Christening: Source 10
WEBB, HettieBirth: Source 1, General: Source 1
WEBB, John DouglasBirth: Source 1
WEBB, John TuckerName: Note 8, Birth: Source 1, Death: Source 10
WEBB, NaomiBirth: Source 1, Divorce: Source 1, Marriage: Source 1, Marriage: Source 1
WEBB, Otis LeRoy ("Roy")Birth: Source 1
WEBB, Roger LloydBirth: Source 1
WOOD, [unknown]Other offspring: Source 1
[UNKNOWN], MayMarriage: Source 1

Note/Source Order

Note 4DeathVAUGHN, Ada Laphilia
Note 5DeathWEBB, Ethel Samantha
PropertyWEBB, Ethel Samantha
DeathESTEL, Leo Arthur [Dr.]
CremationESTEL, Barbara Lucille
Note 6BirthBEMO, John Douglas [Sr.]
Note 7PersonBROWN, William
PersonBROWN, Frank
Military serviceESTEL, Leo Arthur [Dr.]
Military serviceESTEL, Leo Arthur [Dr.]
EducationESTEL, Leo Arthur [Dr.]
OccupationESTEL, Leo Arthur [Dr.]
SurnameANDERSON, Scott Edward
OccupationESTEL, David Nelson
MovedESTEL, Leo Arthur [Dr.] & WEBB, Ethel Samantha
Note 8NameWEBB, John Turner
Note 9ResidenceSTANLEY, Samuel
Note 12NameBEMO, John Douglas
Source 1BirthWEBB, Ethel Samantha
BirthBEMO, Myrtle Luella
GeneralBEMO, Myrtle Luella
BirthWEBB, George Washington
DeathWEBB, George Washington
GeneralWEBB, George Washington
BirthESTEL, David Arthur
DeathESTEL, David Arthur
BirthESTEL, Sam ("Cap")
DeathESTEL, Sam ("Cap")
DeathDEWITT, Sarah
GeneralSTANLEY, Mary Katherine
BirthSTANLEY, Mary Katherine
BirthWEBB, John Tucker
DeathVAUGHN, Ada Laphilia
GeneralVAUGHN, Ada Laphilia
DeathERIKSEN, Mary Alice
AppearanceERIKSEN, Mary Alice
National originERIKSEN, Mary Alice
GeneralERIKSEN, Mary Alice
DeathBEMO, John Douglas [Jr.]
GeneralBEMO, John Douglas [Jr.]
BirthSTANLEY, Samuel
Military serviceSTANLEY, Samuel
Military serviceSTANLEY, Samuel
Military serviceSTANLEY, Samuel
ResidenceSTANLEY, Samuel
ResidenceBEMO, Jack
BirthERIKSEN, Mary Louisa Alice Jane ("Aunt Ludy")
AnedcoteERIKSEN, Mary Louisa Alice Jane ("Aunt Ludy")
PaternityDYER, Edna Eve Jane
BirthWEBB, Cecil
BirthWEBB, Etta Jane
BirthANDERSON, Scott Edward
BirthESTEL, David George
BirthESTEL, Leo Edward
BirthESTEL, Linda Ann
BirthBEMO, Lon ("Lonnie")
BirthWEBB, Birdie Luis
DeathWEBB, Birdie Luis
BirthWEBB, Bessie Mae
DeathWEBB, Bessie Mae
BirthWEBB, Georgia Lucille ("Georgie")
BirthWEBB, Roger Lloyd
BirthWEBB, Otis LeRoy ("Roy")
BirthWEBB, John Douglas
BirthWEBB, Dorothy Fern ("Dot")
BirthWEBB, Hettie
GeneralWEBB, Hettie
BirthWEBB, Ella
BirthWEBB, Naomi
GeneralSULLENS, Berthie
OccupationVIACK, Jack
GeneralDEPEW, Samantha
MarriageWEBB, George Washington & BEMO, Myrtle Luella
ResidenceESTEL, David Arthur & HARRISON, Hester Ann
MarriageWEBB, Charles & SULLENS, Berthie
MarriageWEBB, Charles & [UNKNOWN], May
Other offspringWOOD, [unknown] & WEBB, Ella
DivorceMARCH, [unknown] & WEBB, Naomi
MarriageMARCH, [unknown] & WEBB, Naomi
MarriageVIACK, Jack & WEBB, Naomi
ChildBEMO, Myrtle Luella <child of> Undefined Partner & DEPEW, Samantha
ChildSULLENS, Berthie <child of> Undefined Partner & DEPEW, Samantha
Source 2NameBEMO, John
DeathBEMO, John Douglas [Sr.]
ChildBEMO, John Douglas [Jr.] <child of> BEMO, John Douglas [Sr.] & LEWIS, Harriet
ChildBEMO, Alex <child of> BEMO, John Douglas [Sr.] & LEWIS, Harriet
ChildBEMO, Douglas <child of> BEMO, John Douglas [Sr.] & LEWIS, Harriet
ChildBEMO, Iona ("Onie") <child of> BEMO, John Douglas [Sr.] & LEWIS, Harriet
Source 3Tribal PaymentWEBB, Ethel Samantha
TribeBEMO, Myrtle Luella
Source 4Loyal Creek claimBEMO, John Douglas [Sr.]
Source 5TribeWEBB, Etta Jane
Source 6DeathBEMO, Myrtle Luella
ResidenceWEBB, Etta Jane
Source 7OccupationESTEL, Leo Arthur [Dr.]
BirthESTEL, Barbara Lucille
Source 8DeathESTEL, Barbara Lucille
Cause of deathESTEL, Barbara Lucille
Source 9DeathBEMO, Alex
BirthEDWARDS, Kate ("Aunt Katie")
DeathEDWARDS, Kate ("Aunt Katie")
Source 10DeathWEBB, John Tucker
BirthVAUGHN, Ada Laphilia
BirthWEBB, Harriet
ChristeningWEBB, Harriet
Source 11BirthBRAGI, David Arv
Source 13PropertyWEBB, Ethel Samantha
TribeWEBB, Ethel Samantha
Source 15BirthHARRISON, Hester Ann
DeathHARRISON, Hester Ann
Funeral ServicesHARRISON, Hester Ann
BurialHARRISON, Hester Ann
Source 16MarriageBRAGI, David Arv & NURSS, Dolores Jean
Source 17MarriageESTEL, Leo Arthur [Dr.] & WEBB, Ethel Samantha
Source 18BirthESTEL, Leo Arthur [Dr.]
Military serviceESTEL, Leo Arthur [Dr.]
Military serviceESTEL, Leo Arthur [Dr.]
Military serviceESTEL, Leo Arthur [Dr.]
Source 19MarriageANDERSON, Ronald Bruce & ESTEL, Barbara Lucille
Source 20PersonLEWIS, Kendle
ResidenceBEMO, John Douglas [Sr.]
ResidenceBEMO, John Douglas [Sr.]
TribeLEWIS, Kendle
GeneralLEWIS, Kendle
ChildLEWIS, Harriet <child of> LEWIS, Kendle & Undefined Partner

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